Mobil Serv℠ Asset Management

Track, Analyze, Predict

Mobil Serv Asset Management is your solution for maintaining, tracking, and organizing the management of your assets. Also, reduce downtime and streamline reports and maintenance requests.

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Increase Visibility and Reduce Downtime with MSAM

Our easy-to-use mobile app gives you the power to organize assets and delegate maintenance tasks while on the go. No matter where you are, your team can access the important information they need with offline capabilities.

Improve collaboration across maintenance and operations teams

Being efficient requires great teamwork from top to bottom. Mobil Serv Asset Management (MSAM) provides a single hub for everyone—from your technicians to your executives—to understand how their assets are performing and what decisions can help them optimize results.

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Mobil Serv Asset Management (MSAM)

Whether you’re sitting behind a desk, working with technicians in the field, or capturing critical information miles away from a data signal—the MSAM app is a powerful platform to handle your asset-management responsibilities and more. 

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Lubricant Analysis Dashboard Inside MSAM

Integrate Mobil Serv Lube Analysis (MSLA)

See how you can manage your oil analysis faster — as much as 66 percent faster — with Mobil Serv℠ Lubricant Analysis. Save time protecting your equipment.

MSAM Features and details

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Conditional monitoring

Operators/ technicians

With our sensor package, operators can take advantage of critical monitoring tools such as oil analysis, tank monitoring, vibration analysis, and more—helping them more efficiently capture critical performance data.

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Maintenance monitoring


Assign tasks and track your maintenance team’s progress on key projects and collaborate together to set goals to further improve asset performance.

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Forecasting results


Translate complex data into easy-to-read reports to inform leadership decisions for improved business results.

MSAM combines multiple features into a single system

Platform flexibility and customization

This platform offers a cost-effective alternative to CMMS and ERP systems, which are siloed and unable to collect/analyze all maintenance-related data.

Real-time lubrication recommendations

By combining equipment performance data with insights from Mobil Serv℠ engineers, the platform delivers lubrication technology and processes recommendations to help improve equipment performance, reduce lubricant consumption, and lower energy costs.

Task management tracking and workflow visualization

The platform allows maintenance and production team leads to manage and assign tasks in real time, improving team collaboration, building accountability, enhancing results tracking and creating visualizations for workflows.